About Us

Art Quest International curates and produces intimate and exceptional global expeditions for the upper level patrons of international cultural institutions. We design every trip according to the specific needs and requirements of each delegation, always providing privileged and thoroughly personalized experiences, ensuring unparalleled entrée into the world of art and culture in the most dynamic cities around the world.

Our trips specifically cater to the urban sophisticate. We take pride in the content of our itineraries, and our goal is always to provide service of the highest caliber, in addition to planning exclusive visits to the homes of high-profile private collectors, special sessions within the studios of cutting-edge contemporary artists, and privileged access to museums and galleries we deem extraordinary and significant. Art Quest trips highlight important art figures, unique architecture, remarkable restaurants, and new movements in design. We strive to engage our travelers in dialogue with accomplished scholars and inspiring luminaries while bringing them into contact with the most influential creative talents and the most insightful intellectuals; Art Quest trips are about meeting the visionaries behind the scenes and ahead of the curve.

Art Quest International understands what it takes to deliver a seamless and outstanding travel experience. We devote a great deal of time to cultivating personal relationships and special contacts that make our trips intimate and memorable for each and every participant. The result… a once in a lifetime experience replete with stimulating discoveries, and inspiring cultural awakenings.